Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Never Say Never 3D: Review

Honestly, I wasn't going to review this. Then I looked at the paper I really need to finish today and just didn't want to do it. Today is also Justin Bieber's birthday (yes, yes the big 1-7) so I guess it's kind of fitting, appropriate etc.etc..

As I've said before- I love cheese. I love trash. I do. Unfortunately this extends beyond film in to music and I suppose one might label me a 'Belieber'. I'm not ashamed. He's cute, he's talented and he's cocky as shit. Occasionally he'll sit down with the Rolling Stone and give his views on abortion (because what 16 year old boy hasn't seriously considered such a subject and would be readily prepared to answer such a question on it?) and makes everyone hate him for a while. But anyway, on to the film..

First off: You're not going to have any interest in this film whatsoever if you do not like Justin Bieber. That should go without saying but I've been reading quite a few twitter and facebook status updates from the man (child) himself encouraging people to watch the film so that they can see what he's really like. Don't.

It's a kindof cutesy, slightly cheesy look at Justin's growth from little toddler banging on drums to super-duper-madison-square-garden-selling-out-mega-star at the age of 16. Awww. Of course the film is about 'Never giving up', which is you know, a nice message to put out there? I find it kind of hard to swallow though, when it comes from a 16 year old boy. He never gave up? Over the period of may be two years, he never gave up. Who knows? May be two years feels like a long time when you're 16, I can't remember. 

All of that trash aside it's a well-made documentary with interviews from his family, home move footage, Justin hanging out with his friends, somewhat moving moments with fans etc.etc.

Watch it if you like: his music, stories about 16 year old boys and their fabulous wealth

Don't watch if.. you're not a 'Belieber', you have better things to do with your time

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